Sunday, April 10, 2011

Military Monday

Good wonderful day. Today I am feeling loved and at peace. I am feeling like I could crawl in bed and sleep for a year but at peace. This week has been long but I would not change one minute of it.
This week my friend who recently had a baby needed me and this week I was able to be there. Her baby boy was put in the hospital with RSV. I had the privilege of being able to keep her two baby girls. I had so much fun. They are the most precious little girls.
This weekend my son had a friend over. I stuck my foot in my mouth while talking to him. He was talking to me about shooting guns and I said something about shooting guns with his dad and he reminded me his dad was deployed. I knew that. I keep his baby sister a few days a week. So what does all of this have to do with military talk? Both of these families are military families.
In my heart of hearts I feel like we need to be there for one another. Rather it be babysitting or maybe shooting guns with that boy when dad is away or taking a meal. We need to be there for one another. If you are thinking “I do not like kids” or “I hate to cook” then try some other things. Maybe taking them a gift card for dinner. I had friend who use to do my flower beds for me. She loved it, I hated it and it made our neighborhood look better. There is always something you can do. Sometimes just knowing that you will mail my husband a card that week when maybe I would not have a chance to means a lot. It means that I know he is getting mail and I do not have to have the guilt of him not getting mail. So my question this week is what do you wish someone would do for you? What is the one thing that would make your life easier during a deployment or just in general.
Ladies, we are a sisterhood and no matter who says they understand what we are going through unless they have lived it they do not understand. That does not mean they do not care but they do not understand.
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lindsie said...

i love you pam thanks for taking care of my girls.

CandaceApril said...

I know a lot of the ladies wanted to be there for me when my husband was deployed but when my baby was born with her heart condition, everyone was so afraid of getting her sick or taking care of her in case something went wrong. It would have been nice, though! I think it is important to reach out and offer to help other spouses--as you say, it is a sisterhood!

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