Monday, April 4, 2011

No Mom talk Monday

No mom talk, I am up early because I had a lot on my mind and thought okay just get out of bed and get started. So I got out of bed and then got on the computer. Real smart, I know.
Today is a busy day and I am looking forward to it. I am icing two sheet cakes I made last night for a promotion ceremony and I am slightly (crazy nervous). But the reason I tell you is because this evening I am going on a date with my husband. We are going to a promotion ceremony and then to dinner.
So today I have to ask, do you date your husband and if so how? Sometimes it is a quick dinner; sometimes it is a trip to the grocery store alone. Sometimes we put the kids (I know no mom talk) in bed early and snuggle on the couch and watch a movie.
It is so easy to make excuses and put our husband last but when I am right with him I am right with the world.
I remember when we had no money after bills and I thought that we would never be alone again. That is when I learned about movie night. You turn the lights down low and set the table with a table cloth, if you do not have one use a flat sheet. The lights are low and no one will know. Put a couple of candles on the table. Even if it is dollar tree candles. Make a dinner, even cooking a frozen pizza. I mean how often do we go out for pizza so what is the difference. Then eat slowly. Talk, talk about goals for the next year or month or 10 years. Sometimes we will do something fun like one of those silly survey’s.
the Mommy Matters--No Mom Talk Monday


Courtney K said...

The hubs and I try to get out and go on dates every few weeks. Usually it's more like an every couple of months kind of thing, but we DO spend time alone on the weekends, after the kiddo has gone to bed. :) Hope you guys have a GREAT Time tonight!!

Christina said...

I can't wait to hear all about the ceremony and dinner. I'm excited for you. I too like to do simple things for date night but once in awhile an exciting night like you two have planned is the most fun.

Roller Coaster said...

Do I date my husband? Hmmm. Well, I try to but sometimes good intentions go out the window. We love putting the kids to bed and watching movies together. We love getting a sitter and going out to a nice dinner and drinks. We don't do it often enough though. :)

Dana K said...

Great post & a great reminder that you have to make time for your spouse. We eat at the table most every night. We also try to take some sort of outing each weekend (day trip to a park, etc). We have a 1 yr old with a medical condition, so we are very limited in actual alone time. I only trust a couple of people who are intimately familiar with his disorder to keep my son because he will need a strong yet calm ER advocate should an emergency occur.

Megan Collins said...

I think date nights are important! We don't have kids but we try to do a weekly date night (when we're in the same country). Sometimes it is a date night in with NetFlicks and Delivery.

Mama2six said...

I can't wait until we can have real date nights again instead of, "hello? are you there? stupid skype!" type dates ;0)

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