Tuesday, April 5, 2011

True Story Tuesday

I have a couple of stories to tell you today. Stories that will explain some of my schooling issues.
In elementary school, fifth grade exactly. I had a substitute teacher and I did not like her. I wanted my teacher back. I sat in the back of the class. One day she said the wrong thing to me and I threw a book at her and it missed her and hit a boy in the head. My teacher (Mrs. Vanoderham, she made us learn to spell her name) sent me to the principal’s office. My mom was always volunteering at the school so the principle sent me to my mom. My mom was busy doing something so she sent me back to the principle who sent me back to class. WOO got away with that one.
Then in high school I had a amazing boyfriend (now husband). I had a boyfriend who had never been in trouble in school. He was amazing boy. Honestly I was not someone who normally got in trouble either. I may have not had great grades but I did not get in trouble. So one day my boyfriend and I had our first argument. Young love does crazy things to the brain. So after we made up we began kissing in the hallway and a teacher saw us. In our school that was grounds for suspension. So we head to the principal’s office. I was worried for my boyfriend. I honestly did not think my mom would mind. The principle reminded us that his was not okay. Then reminded us that Friday was a football game (guess who played football). Then sent us back to class. WOO got out of that one.
Next week I will tell you two more stories about my middle school issues.
A homeschool mom,
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Linda M. Ramos said...

LOL! You got away on both counts! I never got in trouble in school. Ever! However, once in Jr. High during Agriculture, my name got called over the intercom to go to the AE Room. (this was where students got paddled!) The entire class was in shock and worried. Turned out to be just a minor thing (my PE teacher was marking me absent on the days I had speech.

I admit though, by heart was in my throat while walking to the AE Room.

Christina said...

I can't believe you got away with hitting a kid in the head with a book. Of course it was kind of accidental. Even better kissing your future hubby in the hall, at least that was worth the punishment.

Kelly J said...

sounds like you lucked out twice!!!

Tiffany Bleger said...

I was able to get away with quite a bit in school - I was smart enough to stay one step ahead of the teachers. :) And I love that you two were high school sweethearts - so were we!

Rachel said...

Yikes, you sure did get away with it! :)

I cannot believe you threw a book - especially because it seems so unlike you, ha ha. Must have been a really bad teacher, hee hee!

(Is it worse that I threw a paper football at a classmate and it hit the teacher instead? hah!)

I had a mom who worked at the school too... thus I was the only kid who ever received corporal punishment ;)

Thanks for linking up - too funny!

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