Friday, April 8, 2011

What is your favorite time of year

I love spring, I love being able to open my windows and air out my house. And let me tell you with four kids, a dog, a cat, 2 guinea pigs, and a hamster it needs aired out.
We actually had an amazing spring day a few weeks ago. We woke up and my husband made pancakes. He always makes pancakes when the kids ask. Then we packed up and headed to the lake. We even stopped at subway to pick up lunch so we did not have to pack one. I am trying to be better about joining them when they go fishing. We arrive at the lake and spend what seems like a crazy amount of time setting everything up. I set and read a book while they fish. I know if I go then we get pictures.
When the kids got done fishing then we walk around. This time was neat because they had half the lake emptied. So we told the kids to go jump in a lake and guess what? THEY DID!
When we got home everyone unloaded the truck. My amazing wonderful hero grilled dinner. After dinner it was time for everyone to shower and go to bed.
It was an amazing day. I would say spring is my favorite time of year.


tamayoseven said...

Now that's an amazing day. I would love to sit and read a book while the kids fish. Good idea to get subway too. And then your man grills dinner, how awesome is that. You are one blessed lady.

Laughwithusblog said...

What a wonderful family time. This time of year my husband's allergies are so bad that he hates to leave the house. :(

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