Saturday, April 2, 2011

I have a boo boo

I got a minute to watch The Doctors this week. I learn so much from that show but it is in the middle of our school day. Anyways, they said a easy way to make a ice pack is to fill a ziploc with dish soap. It does not get super hard but stays chilled. I could not wait to try it.
Grace was a good sport, she even stuck her bottom lip out without me asking. I am curious what happens if I let it defrost all the way.

What do you do for ice packs? How do you cure a boo boo in your house?


Tiffharmon2001 said...

My son's favorite "ice pack" is frozen kernel corn in a ziplock baggie. He gets boo-boo's a lot, so I just keep it right in the door so he can get it when he needs it. It makes him happy. :) I'm going to have to try the dish soap one for my girls though.

trooppetrie said...

ooh frozen kernal, as in a bag of corn or like feed corn. I need to try this one

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