Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thursday 5

Wicked (definition: very)
Mint (definition: excellent!)
Pissa (definition: cool, good)
Fresh (definition: describes any undesired behavior)
Wicked Pissa (definition: something is so cool there's no words to describe it)
I am feeling wicked about turning in the girls badge work tonight and being caught up for the year.
I think it is Mint that my mom is visiting for a week, especially since the last time I was sick the entire time she was here.
It is Pissa that my husband brought home pizza for dinner tonight because I was not feeling well, although I was not here to enjoy it.
I think this entire government shutdown is Fresh and wish they understood what this will do to military families.
It is wicked Pissa that we are finishing our garden this weekend. I can not wait to watch it grow.
Okay, this week was odd to me and I know what I wrote did not really make sense but it was fun and I look forward to meeting other military spouses.


Nicole said...

Everything you wrote makes sense to a Bostonian! "fresh" is one of my favorites...people down south always look at me funny when I say my dog is "fresh." Thanks for playing along!! :)

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