Saturday, April 2, 2011


Do you ever buy a product because a friend is selling it even if you did not really need it?
My friend recently started selling Thirty One. I had seen it before and thought it was cute. That was until I ordered my first bag from her. I was amazed at the quality and the colors could not be brighter. I love it.
A couple of weeks ago I decided to try their purses. I love that my friend will spend an hour with me going over the same monogram options as she did with my first order.
This time I ordered a purse with a pink cover and a blue jean cover. I just had a –P- put on them. On other things I have had Trooppetrie put on there. Any ideas why I put Trooppetrie? I think what surprised me with the purse is how easily you can change the covers and how much space is inside the purse.
If you are ever interested in looking at Thirty-One and or purchasing it I encourage you to contact my friend Becky. I promise you will not be unhappy.
In case you were wondering, Grace was trying to give the purse bunny ears.


ann said...

I have a friend thinking about selling these. She has done almost every "at home party" selling that has come her way the past 10 years. I can't keep up with it. Nice to know that an impartial party finds the bags to be of good quality.

melinda baca said...

My bestie sells it also, I LOVE the quality of their products. I love the skirt purse and how easy it is to attach each new skirt. I carry mine all the time, its just the right size for an everyday purse!

Christina said...

I am going to check this out. I have this horrible green purse right now and I really need to find something new. Not only are the covers on this one interchangeable, but the pink one is cute and the purse looks big enough to actually hold all my things.

trooppetrie said...

I love this purse because it is not too big but hold my calander, old calander, wallet, and gift card holder plus my phone and whatever i put in there. i love that i have this hot pink one and then a more traditional blue jean one

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