Monday, April 4, 2011

Pray for me Monday

This week I want to first give praise. My boys just returned from a week in the mountains. First they visited family and then the mountains and then more time with family.
They had a great time and came home with beards and smell that could knock over a horse. But they had fun and they built memories that will last a lifetime. It is so important for dad’s to have time with their boys especially in our life when we never know when the orders will come for another deployment.
My prayer request this week is for a precious 4 year old. Her mom is a Chaplain Assistant in our chapel. Dad recently came home early from a deployment because she was having more seizures than normal. She has something called Gary ????. She has been sick for a while. She is currently in the hospital in isolation. She has some form of the flu. Please pray for this family and for this precious baby girl. Her mom is an amazing and such a strong woman. Please pray for this precious baby. I am sure that I am not saying everything and probably saying something wrong but our God knows and is knows what we need.
If you have a prayer request feel free to leave it in the comments. If you would like to pray with us please head over to Home Grown Families.


momtosprouts said...

Hey! Sorry it took me so long to get here. I had some hospital time of my own this week... :)
I hope this little girl is better!! I will be praying for her!

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