Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Gratitude Tuesday

I have so much to be grateful for. Grateful for the friend who called me on my sons birthday this year. Although I lost him (stillbirth) 12 years ago. The fact that she remembers means the world to me.
A friend of mine invited me to come and work on her churches clothing closet. If you work at the clothing closet then you are allowed to take anything you find for your family. I found lots of dresses for my little girls. Not just any dresses but modest dresses, updated dresses. What a amazing blessing. This is a wonderful thing that is offered at this church. Once a year they set up there church with everything that has been donated. For example each Sunday school class is a different room like a teen room, a boys room, a baby room. After hours of these wonderful volunteers setting it up they allow the community to come in and shop for FREE.
My husband only has a 3 day work week and this is wonderful for me because I am fighting a cold so it will be nice to have him home. Plus my son turns 14 this Friday and he will be here to do all kinds of fun things with him.


Mary Greene said...

You really are inspirational you know that? Thanks for your posts....anyway..

Just wanted to make sure you saw that we (Verseo) featured your blog in our Military Spouse Blogger Video promoting our 100 Warm Feet project and sweepstakes. Please check it out and get the word out! You can post video on your site as well.. http://www.verseo.com/100-warmfeet-lp.html - Press Release going out on this tomorrow so didn't want you to be surprised...Thanks! MaryBeauty for Verseo

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