Monday, November 29, 2010

Miscellany Monday

1. I love my kids; I mean I am in love with my kids. I love to hold their hands and I love when they wake up and give me a hug. I love to walk past my non hugging teen and rub his back.
2. We have our tree up and all the Christmas boxes back in the storage building.
3. I have mailed out most of my Christmas cards, the only ones left are the ones I need addresses for. Thank you shutterfly for helping me out this year.
4. I cooked lunch for 80 people this weekend and it worked beautifully. I made tomato soup and chicken noodle soup and mini sandwiches.
5. I forgot to tell my hero that I volunteered to cook lunch on December 26th, you know the day after Christmas. He was not thrilled.
6. My hero is the biggest Christmas fan you will find. He is like a little child with bright excited eyes. We need that since I am the biggest scrooge you will find.
7. I am done with my Christmas shopping except for my husband. I have even given away a bunch of my thank you gifts.
My goal for December is to spend time with my family and enjoy the birth of Jesus. I want to remind them why we celebrate the season and grow together as a family

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