Sunday, November 14, 2010

Mother Nature

So today my husband and I were out shopping and decided to pick up a few discounted Halloween costumes for our girls. We do this every year and they use them as dress up. It is a great cheap CHRISTmas gift.
After we paid for them my hero asked what we were going to do when she outgrew dress up. That thought broke my heart. But then I looked up at my big strong man and said, so dad what are you going to do when she calls you and ask her to bring home sanitary pads? He said, oh no she will not. But, it brought up a conversation I had not thought about. I assumed she would wear sanitary pads and had even had the talk with her about them. Then my wonderful husband said he assumed I would just order her a Diva cup. My mouth just dropped, that thought had never crossed my mind.
So my question is what did you start out using and what would you like your daughter to use and why?
But now that I am on the subject of a diva cup let me just say it was a wonderful investment and I wish I had not waited so long to try it. It is great for our budget and honestly after the first few times it was easy to use.


Bella said...

I haven't tried the Diva Cup. I have mostly used Sanitary Napkins. I have used tampons before but I can't anymore...

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