Monday, November 22, 2010

Military Monday

Military Mondays Family and Spouse Carnival at Army Wives' Lives

Man I am tired today but wanted to do a quick post about my military life because I have really enjoyed getting to know other military spouses.
1. My hero is sick, he went to the DR Thursday and they said he has bronchitis and a upper respitatory infection and bulging ear drums. Plus some other things. They still sent him back to work. He is worse now and will go back to the DR this morning. I so hope they send him home to sleep.
2. He did not pass his airborne PT test on Thursday morning (yes, he took it one hour before finding out how sick he was). Remember he passes his regular PT test with flying colors but the Airborne test is given as if you are a 18 year old. I should say the only thing he failed on the Airborn test was the sit ups, and he did 50 out of 53 so not bad for a 39 year old man.
3. I say all of this to say if he does not pass it in 2 weeks then he will have to switch units and the new unit is deploying next year
4. I am thankful that my hero only has a 3 day work week. I am excited to have him home this week.


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