Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Holiday gift giving tips

My holiday tip is easy, the last few years I have bought pre made scrapbooks from Hobby Lobby using 50% off coupons and then just filled them with pictures from that year. Hopefully, with pictures of that person and my children. I can usually pick up the books for maybe $10-15. Add a few dollars for pictures and I am done. This is something they can keep for generations. I am talking about a 8*8 or 5*7 book. Really the work is done and you just have to write in it.
This year I am also giving away a few gift cards I earned from swagbucks. This has been so much easier than I thought to earn. I did install the toolbar. I do not do the scavenger hunts. But I do try to do the daily polls. A great thing about swagbucks is if you sign up under me then I get even more bucks to spend. If you are interested in signing up please just click http://www.swagbucks.com/refer/trooppetrie
Can I please take a minute to encourage you to shop at The Mercy house Etsy shop? This is a amazing family and I cannot wait to hear more about this house being built. If you cannot shop through there etsy shop them please pray for them, pray for all of the moms this will help.


CM said...

No Hobby Lobby's here, but I like that idea! Ok, now stopping over at that Etsy site! :-)

Mrs. S. said...

That is such a good idea!

Kd1219 said...

How do you get to the daily polls on swagbucks? I signed up under andew last year but haven't done much with it till the last couple of weeks. :)
- Reba -

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