Sunday, November 14, 2010

miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

1. This week I was standing in front of a vending machine getting coins out of my purse when this older man gets close to my face and says "Get the mountain dew, I know you love mountain dew. I love mountain dew even though I know it is bad for me". My mouth dropped and I was shaking. How in the world did this man know that I live off of mountain dew? I actually saw the man in the parking lot tapping on someone's window. I assume it was his wife because a elderly woman sat up and was obviously asleep. But, still how in the world did he know I love mountain dew, do I wear a sign I do not know about.

2. Today my husband and I discussed my daughter starting her cycle and rather she would use sanitary napkins or a diva cup like her mommy.

3. This week my baby boy turned 14, how is that possible. My husband informed me that he needs to start shaving. I said no way he is blonde and no one else will notice it but you.

4. Last week we got our dog groomed at a new location and while he came home looking great he smelled like old woman Avon perfume. I could not stand having him close to me.

5. I love the commercial where the wife tells the husband that she is having triplets and he faints. I would love to have triplets or even twins. How fun would that be?


S.I.F. said...

I've seen that commercial! And it makes me insanely jealous!

bonnie said...

wanting triplets? i could barely handle one at a time! happy monday!

Bella said...

I agree with Bonnie I can't imagine three Williams! LOL

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