Monday, November 29, 2010

Military Monday

I know I said I was talking about military but this week I want to tell you about a wonderful family. Eight years ago this week I woke up on a Sunday morning. My kids instantly asked when we were going to put up the tree. I had no desire to put up a tree or decorate. My husband was gone. It was my birthday in a few days and I knew no one would care.
Our church, Hillcrest Baptist had a program called SOSAF (supporting our soldiers and families). Each military family was given not one but three adoptive families. I woke up that morning and decided I would go to Kmart and buy a new tree. You know, one of the ones that is pre lit and only has 3 pieces. So off to Kmart we went. I bought a new tree and all new ornaments that matched so I would not have to worry about anything. I even bought a new tree skirt. I knew this would be easier. Then we headed to church (did you know I am a morning person and it is nothing for me to get somewhere 45 minutes early). I arrived at church and dropped off the kids. Several people came up to me and said Beth is looking for you. I finally found Beth and she handed me a card. I opened the card and read it fighting back tears. Beth had heard me say that I just wanted a night in a hotel alone for my birthday. Something a normal mom would never get but something a military wife would never get. She had arranged for me to spend my birthday at the Holiday inn. Wait, I have 3 kids and responsibilities. Nope, she had arranged childcare for my kids. Wait, Michael has tae kwon do and I babysit and……..
She said and this person is taking Michael to tae kwon do and we already took care of the little girl you babysit. Just show up and relax. So I woke up the morning of my birthday counting the hours until I left. What I did not realize is what was going on behind the scenes. My friend Debbie (and probably others I am forgetting, sorry) were at the hotel decorating the room with all kinds of books and chocolate and flowers and goodies. I arrived to my room and opened the door and could not find a empty spot. Okay, so we all want time alone but then you are alone 24 hours a day without your hero so they helped that. A friend met me for dinner and then we went to a pampered chef show. I went back to my room and scrapbooked for a while and then slept. Then my friend Tammy met me for breakfast and set in the hot tub with me. It was an amazing day of relaxing and being reminded that I am loved.

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annette said...

That is a great friend! What an awesome idea to help someone out, Id love that! I thought of you when I posted on my blog this morning... thinking you could likely relate to moving holidays! :) Have a good day!

Bella said...

A great post Pam.

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