Friday, February 3, 2012

5 Question Friday

1. What have you done recently that you are proud of? I went to the doctor and was honest about how I feel. That is hard.

2. What is your favorite way to work out? Or if you don't work out, what do you want to try? I enjoy walking, I really want to try zumba, and it sounds so like fun, it looks like fun.

3. If you knew you best friend was cheating on spouse would you tell? I would go to her and demand that she tells. He does not need to hear it from me.

4. If you could afford a live-in maid or nanny, would you have one? Live in maid in a second. Oh to have someone to clean and cook so I could school all day, so I could read stories more to my kids, so I could ………….. Really I would want half of each because it would be amazing to have someone to play with the little ones while I worked with the older ones.

5. Do you stress out about birthdays (specifically the age) or do you enjoy them? Neither, my family sometimes is too busy to think about them. I never worry about the age but we do not make a big deal about it either.



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