Friday, February 17, 2012

Unused gift cards

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Do you have unused gift cards lying around? Did you receive a gift card and have no desire to use it? Do you want to help others but really do not have the finances to do it? I have the solution for you.
I was contacted recently about to help spread the word of this amazing program.
This is such a neat idea. Four friends wanted to collect gift cards to help people in need. They walked into a gathering and asked, 8 people if they had unused gift cards and they walked out with $50 worth of gift cards.
I am so excited to help out. I read on their site that 10-15% of gift cards are unused. It makes perfect sense to me considering I have a separate wallet for gift cards.
Turning in your gift cards is easy. Simply place them in an envelope and mail them to:
Gift Card Giver
PO Box 17920
Atlanta, GA 30316

What a neat idea. I encourage you to spread the word of this program. How hard would it be to walk into a mommy group and collect gift cards? For me it would help me not have guilt because I did not use all of the gift cards.


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