Saturday, February 18, 2012

Letter to my Hero

Dear Hero,
I love you and I miss you and I cannot believe we are doing this again. I think I have lied to myself for the last several months. Lindsie called me the day you left and asked how I was. She was surprised I sounded so well. I was honest and said I try to pretend it is not happening.
It is harder to do now. Jason was behind the chair this afternoon and I heard him say I miss daddy. It is like for whatever reason he realizes this is for a long time. He told me you needed to come back and get pizza with dipping sauce. He has loved on me all day.
We have had a good week. I think everyone but me is on the mend. I have no clue why you and I cannot get rid of this throat thing.
Abby is doing okay, although she did take a bowl of cereal from the baby this morning. Today was a quiet day. I cleaned up the kitchen this morning. Made cupcakes for church, took a nap, well laid down to nap. Everyone was fed and bathed by 5pm. I put pork chops and potatoes in the crockpot. I have got to make sure I am cooking daily.
I am going to run to the pet store tomorrow and pick up a new dog bowl for the dog. I love you so much, have I said that. I can tell this deployment is still new because I keep leaving my phone laying around.
I talked to your mom today, she was folding laundry. She sounded like she was doing better.
I cannot wait to start mailing things to you. If I keep these girl scout cookies in the house another day I know I will eat them.
I love ya babe and cannot wait to hear from you again.


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