Friday, February 24, 2012

Letter to my Hero

Dear Hero
Woo, what a wonderful day. What a busy day, what a crazy day. I got everyone up early and took Michael to the Chapel to work. I came home and got everyone dressed and did school with Hope while Faith did school.
Then we headed back to post to pick up Michael and here is where it gets totally crazy. We picked up Michael and headed to Cingular (okay AT&T) to turn in your orders. The wonderful employee that we like was there. She called the company suspend you account and this is where things go crazy. She has done this a million times. AT&T said that they looked on the DOD website and you are not deployed you are in basic training. She explained over and over that she has met you and you have been in 19 years and are most definitely not in basic. We were there over an hour. They did not even want a copy of the orders because they knew they were right. She finally faxed them the orders and hopefully got it straight. I am calling the company today to pitch a major fit.
After that we went to Sam’s for lunch. Seriously where else can you feed seven kids for $12? Can you believe I left only spending $45? I needed some spices and 5 milks.
Then we ran Kerri back on post to her mom. Then I took Jason in for his urine test. Oh my word I wish I had a video camera watching us. I explained to Jason that he was going to Pee in a cup and he went nuts with excitement. When I finally had him setting quietly the lab tech called him up and said “do you need to pee, can you pee in a cup for me, and will you please pee in a cup for me”. He went nuts again jumping up and down saying “I get to pee in a cup; I am going to pee in a cup”. Cracked me up and everyone in the office thought it was funny. He did fine.
Then we rushed home for Michael to change for scouts and headed to scouts.
While he was at scouts I took the three youngest to McDonald’s. I even splurged and bought happy meals. Would you believe they hardly ate there food. Then we went back to scouts. The meeting did not end until 8:45. Luckily there were lots of scouts running around to help. Let’s just say the kids had a great time.
We finally came home about 9:15 and crashed. Tomorrow will be crazy but in a much quieter way.


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