Friday, February 10, 2012

Feeling Beachie

This week’s statements:
1. I don’t understand _the Army’s timeline__ and probably never will but I guess that is because I am just a spouse.
2. I prefer _sleep on my couch__ to _sleeping in my bed, but my husband will not allow it. ___
3. My favorite smell is _gasoline, okay maybe a clean house_because _I am weird, because I rarely smell it.__________________
4. I suspect my neighbors of _think I am a slob. Because it seems like every time I walk out to my vehicle I see that trash is in my yard. Why can my children not get the trash in the can where it belongs.____________


Tami McCoy said...

Military timelines are something only those in the military could ever understand! I think they like to keep the families guessing.

Susi said...

I have garbage in my front yard from time to time and know exactly who's it is because only certain neighbors drink Pepsi and  they always walk around with the cans in their hands... i don't understand why they can't use their own garbage cans. When kids do it it's one thing, but adults???

Hilary Rick Grossman said...

I always fall asleep on the couch.. so fun and easy

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