Monday, February 6, 2012

My surprise-not for kids eyes

I have a surprise for you. Well maybe not for you but for my husband. Or should I say I had a surprise for him.
Recently I won a giveaway for mycrazy4. The giveaway was for 2 softcups. I was instantly excited because I was using something similar already.
They arrived in the mail and I instantly wanted to try them. Oh wait; you do not know what a soft cup is. Well here is the site and here are my thoughts on it. A soft cup is a menstrual cup. You only have to change it every 12 hours. You do not have to worry about changing it in public because HELLO 12 hours. So last Monday my cycle started. I was so excited, I know I am weird but it was like a new toy I was waiting to use. I had already read the instructions and read every word on there site. They say that it does not leak during exercise and can be worn during sex. Yes, I said that word on my blog. I was able to put it in with no problems and it was so much easier than I thought and guess what they were right you could not feel it.
Now back to the surprise. My hero had been gone a month and guess what he was coming home the next day. Okay, I cannot believe I am about to tell you this. So he comes home and the kids go to bed. And well you can guess what happens next. Only I was acting so weird, I kept asking questions like “does something feel weird, anything different”. I am sure he thought I was nuts. So when things were done I ran to the bathroom and begged him not to move (because I was in fear of a mess). There was NO mess, I could not believe it. I am yelling through the door to ask him again if anything was different and telling him I had a surprise for him. He seriously was scared. A minute later I walk out of the bathroom and have his surprise in my hand. I handed him a softcup. And then explained that I was on my cycle and wearing one. He was amazed. As a military spouse this is a wonderful invention. We often only have our hero’s home for a week or two at a time.
Just to make you laugh, as I was falling asleep my husband said “THAT THING IS HUGE”. It must have just dawned on him what had just happened. It honestly is not huge. I think it was just sinking in.
I went out the next day and bout a box of them at wal-greens.
Okay, I will answer the dreaded question. No I am not digging around to install it or take it out. I was quite amazed at how easy it was to install (install sounds so fun to say) and take out. There was no mess.
I could go on and on about how this is helping the earth but really for me it comes down to comfort and use. It comes down to making the most of each moment I have with my hero. Sadly I will not be able to use the excuse that I am on my cycle again.


Mary said...

I have heard of these, but been afraid to try them.  I don't have a military husband, so I won't be sharing this with him. I want to hang on to that excuse. LOL

Tracy said...

Love your post! So glad you had a great experience with them. :)

linds said...

eww i want to puke now!

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