Friday, February 17, 2012

Good Deeds Great Needs

Good Deeds. Great Needs. | #GoodDeedsMovie
I do not know about you but I really enjoy all things Tyler Perry. I recently heard about his new movie called Good Deeds. I love how this movie is changing people and all the wonderful things that will come from it.
I have already spoken to you about If you did not hear about please feel free to read what I wrote here. What I did not realize earlier is that this program is going to help Covenant House. A house that helps homeless children.
How would you help someone? Would it be giving to the homeless person on the street corner? Would it be helping that mom you see struggling to buy groceries at the store? Would it be to give someone a ride home from work that normally walks? There are so many ways to help even when we feel like we do not have the finances to do so. I have already told you about I encourage you to look into both of these programs. It is a great time of a year to help. No holidays are close by. It is time for my family to take the time to see how we can help one another and help others.


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