Sunday, February 26, 2012

Letter to my Hero

Dear Hero,
Before I forget, did you take the speaker for my laptop? I cannot find it anywhere. We made it through our first Sunday at church. I have to say honestly it was not bad. Normally going alone is hard but for whatever reason it did not seem so hard. Maybe because I was cooking or your favorite song was not being played. Or maybe I should give credit and say that Christ is giving me more strength then I could ever have on my own.
The kids did well at church. Michael helped Mrs. Kathy. There were not a lot of people there. I mean seriously I bet our numbers were down by half. After church we went to Wal-mart in the rain which was a B-I-G mistake. I got what I needed and got back in the car. Well really I wanted a new dog bowl but they did not have what we are looking for. I need to go to a pet store to find one that is up off the ground. Do you remember the dog bowl that looks like a toilet we saw, they have them on Amazon. I found another one for $40 that looks like it would work. It is tall and has storage and looks like a kitchen cabinet. So not quite as obvious. Although I saw one you would like on pinterest. They basically cut a hole in one of our kitchen chairs and set the bowl in it. That would be an awesome idea if we could set them in the corner somewhere and have a way of using them as chairs.
Okay I need to make you laugh. The other day when Darcy got here I could not find Kerri’s shoes. I had convinced myself that she did not bring shoes that day. Tonight I was putting James in bed and found one of the shoes behind his head board. Then I found her other shoe inside his sheets. I have no clue how they got there. But I am glad I found them.
Oh yeah I guess I should tell you that this dog has not slept with me since you left. She sleeps on your side of the bed on the floor but refuses to sleep in the bed. So I wonder does she feel like she does not need to protect me from you or does she not like me enough to sleep with me?
I love ya babe, I miss you. I miss you most when everyone goes to bed. The house is quiet, too quiet and I have to face the fact that you are really not hear another day.
I love ya,
Note to readers: I feel like I am lying to you by not being honest and saying these notes are not to date. Due to OPSEC I will always post what I write after the event so that I am not explaining how long he will be gone.


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