Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Update to AT&T

I wanted to update. I wrote to AT&T about my displeasure on facebook. I was quickly asked to call or e-mail a specific person. I e-mailed her exactly what I wrote on my blog. Within an hour she called me. Her name was Jennifer (manager of something). She was very honest in the misunderstanding and where it happened and taking full responsibility. She took care of the situation quickly. She even gave me a direct number to get a hold of her. I am very impressed with the way this was handled.
Again I will say my in store experience was amazing and now dealing with her today was amazing.
I try to remind myself that if someone is not giving good customer service go to the next person. In this case I had to deal with one person who was not properly trained/new to the job. But after all is said and done I am very pleased with the way they followed up.


Jen said...

So glad things were resolved for you! Such a frustrating situation.

Diane said...

What a beautiful family!

I"m glad you got some satisfaction from AT &T! I have found that if you contact a company about an issue with their product or service and behave in a civilized manner, more often than not they'll bend over backward to help.

A few years ago I bought a loaf of bread and when I got it home, I found it to be MOLDY! I immediately contact the bread company and told them that their vendor probably just missed it when they were restocking but thought I should let them know. The next day, a mini van pulled up outside my house and a gentleman delivered 12 loaves of bread to me, all different varieties! I was stunned but you better believe they didn't lose me as a customer!

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