Saturday, December 14, 2013

Almost Home

No idea what all my post did not post. Yesterday was stressful to say the least. Between loosing a tire on the boat trailer and kids being done in the car and then hitting a snow storm I about lost it. The lights on the trailer did not work so I could not see my husbands vehicle. We decided that while we were still 5 hours from Illinois it was best to stop for the night.
   Just so you know it is not easy to find a hotel that will give us 2 pet rooms. We stopped at motel 6 because it was the first one we came to. I was a little nervous because hello motel 6. But they had the rooms and at this point I was in tears. 
   Honestly I was amazed when we walked into our room. Look at these pictures. Does this look like a motel 6? We got two rooms. I kept the four youngest and the cat and my hero kept the dog and the three oldest. 
  Everyone is up and going. My hero is loading the vehicles right now. We had to bring all the suitcases in because they were in the back of his truck. We have a car top carrier but it froze shut. I am telling you this has been a adventure. 
  Today's plans are to drive the last 5 hours to our final destination. The roads look clear. I am hoping they are. Then we will take all but our suitcases to the storage unit. 
Please pray as we drive today.


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