Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Nursing our Blessing as Toddlers

 I have said before that I love breast feeding but have never been successful in doing it much longer than a year. I have a friend who is still nursing her almost 3 year old and I love her for it. This is what she wrote recently. I instantly knew I had to share it. I am also sharing pictures of how we spend our days together. 
This is what she wrote recently:Ok I said to someone yesterday I would never post a picture of me nursing my toddler. You know because it will be there for life.  Seriously, this is normal, this is beautiful, this makes our days special. I love when he says mommy nurse please. I love that he asks to cuddle. I do get frustrated and get tired at night and want to throw him out of bed. But, he is wanting mommy right now. That will not be forever. I am going to appreciate this bonding time. This is the first child of mine I was able to breast feed. Thankful to a @trooppetrie for her encouragement. Some will mock me for self led weening. But this will not last forever. And I enjoy every minute HE wants to snuggle. I think people myself included should become apart/actively of support groups for older nursing children. Nurse in public, don't be ashamed. Nurse in front of kids, I nurse in front of my 7 year old autistic child uncovered, do you know what she says? Elijah's hungry mommy. Nursing=Natural. It is a part of life. I think that last part was a rant, but you get the picture. Don't be afraid. Covered or uncovered. And don't listen to the books, listen to you and your child. You both will know when the time is right.
   Thank you Lindsie for your honesty and thank you @doulanurse247 for taking amazing pictures. 


Dancing Ella said...

I used to bust on her all the time for nursing him at his age, but now I'm a mommy and I love to breast feed and will probably do it as long as my son wants to within reason. And we joked tonight that I'll probably be tandem feeding. Lol!!

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