Saturday, December 14, 2013

Stuck on the Side of the Road

This is me blogging from the side of the highway. Anything to keep busy. Have I said I hate driving let alone being on the side of the road. The boat had a blow out. Praising that my husband was driving and able to get off the road safely. Praising that for this second the baby is quiet. Praising we have roadside assistance and praising they can get here quickly. 
Did I tell you the dog and toddler are over the stomach bug but the cat got sick in her cage this morning so I am hoping she is okay. 
Please pray we continue to stay safe until the tow truck arrives and that we can rent or buy or repair whatever it is that needs done quickly. Please pay for strength and energy. I did not sleep well last night and we still have 7 hours to drive today. 


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