Saturday, December 14, 2013


Please pray with us, in exactly 18 hours we will put 7 kids, a cat, a dog and a guinea pig in two vehicles and begin our trip. 
There are several prayer request:
1. One child has a stomach bug
2. Two children have what we thinks are the beginings of colds. 
3 two parents who have not slept well and need rest
4 for weather, I am extremely nervous about the road conditions as we will be driving through mountains 
5 for safety as we travel, that the vehicles tub smoothly and we are able to get there safely 
6 for me I do not enjoy driving but add the weather to that and I am a nervous wreck. 
 We will pull out of our home around 9am in the morning, if you think about it please take a minute to stop and pray. 
  Also take a minute to laugh, can you imagine two vehicles, with 7 kids a cat, a dog, a guinea pig pulling a boat with 9 suit cases and a million other bags and crates. 


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