Thursday, December 5, 2013

Our House is Empty

The truck is loaded. It took about 8 hours and four men but everything is gone. Well  except for the roaster they forgot. 
  Rob just took the boys to pick up a couple of things from Lowes while the girls and I stayed home and ate the last of the ice cream. We reminded Jacob he was part of the girls club and could not tell anyone we had ice cream. 
   Tonight we will sleep on air mattresses. It will be just like camping. 
   I have to tell you the funniest thing this week has been how scared yes packers and the movers were of my animals. I get the dog because she is big but even the guinea pig scared them and you would have thought the cat had rabies the way they looked for her before coming into a room. I am laughing but it is sad to think of what made them this scared. 
  So far only one thing got broken and it was a piece of my polish pottery but I am not claiming it. They were super nice and accidents happen. 
   Time to get the girls in the shower before the boys get home. 


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