Friday, December 20, 2013

Feeling Beachie times Three

The statements: 1. How is it _that we are going to be home owners again____? 2. I can’t believe how much easier it was to buy a house the first time____ than to _buy this time in the country. You would think having well water was having a oil well.___. 3. I like my _land___ and _may never go into town again.____ 4. If I could I would do _a makeover on this old farm house_______ all day _and night so it would just be done. I have missed Feeling Beachie so I am going to go back and give you my answers for the last couple of weeks that I missed. The statements: 1. I am a __perfectionist; I can do something and instantly want to do it again to see if I can do it differently or better.____ 2. When I was little I was _always playing pretend and I always played school. ____ 3. Sometimes I just need to _realized that my time line is not everyone else’s time line__ but I constantly question why people cannot get things done quicker______ 4. The best thing about the holiday’s __is having my husband home, We have spent more than one Christmas alone and this is amazing. I am adding a #5 The saddest thing about the holidays is: not living by family. I would love to have family over and build family traditions and just hang out together. The statements: 1. Have you _sent out Christmas cards__ yet? I have, I mailed them out while I was staying in the hotel. If you did not get one from me and would like one just send me a e-mail with your address. 2. I was born in _the 70’s to a teen mom, she actually snuck out and left the state to visit my dad who was at basic training. Oh and my dad wanted my name to be Gypsy Dawn. __ 3. I have never stole anythng__at least as far as I know., But I have had to take a few things back because they got dropped in a diaper bag or under a car seat. My question is why does the store not reward you for not stealing instead of looking at you like you’re a idiot for returning it. 4. I can’t stand__when people look down on someone for not breastfeeding or cloth diapering or having 20 kids. __
Feeling Beachie


Lisa said...

Good luck getting settled!

01VanillaBean01 said...

Glad you all made it safe and sound to your new home (though not without incident). Enjoy getting settled in the country and may your first Christmas in your new home be the beginning of very many happy memories.

rorybore said...

A new home for the holidays - that must be exciting! And since I live more in the country, I can definitely attest to how much I like the space and close community. However, YES! the downside is not being close to any family. Our friends become our surrogate family for things like that (which since we are blessed with an amazing church family is not such a bad thing). My hubby is working this Christmas - we were lucky the 2 previous Christmas he had off. His mom is coming to hang out with me and the kids, so that will be nice. (she is formerly a non-believer, but is coming to our Christmas Eve service with me --- so if you could say a little prayer for her, that would be greatly appreciated. she needs some healing in her heart - and only He can do it! )
Have a very Merry Christmas!

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