Monday, December 23, 2013

The Legend of Ranger

I was recently given a wonderful opportunity. I was given the opportunity to review The Legend of Ranger. What a neat fun story. It was the story of a reindeer that wanted to fly but could not. I will not tell you rather Ranger ever learned to fly. I will tell you that my children enjoyed this story because the pictures were amazing. We all want to have a special ability that we don’t. I personally want to be able to have a double to clean while I cook. This book is different than most Christmas stories because it is a chapter book. That means I was able to read the book over several days instead of just in a few minutes. This book also gave us plenty to talk about. We talked about how we should work hard at what we want to learn to do. We talked about how sometimes what we want is not what is right for us. The author of this book is a retired Major General. It is hard for me to imagine someone who was in the military for 30 years being able to write such a compassionate book. The thing I like most about this book is that all profits will be donated to Antonia J. Giallourakis Endowed Fund in Art Therapy for Children with Cancer at Massachusetts General Hospital. You can order this book and the toy or even the audio on Amazon. The audio would be neat for all of those long car rides we are doing right now. You can read more about the author Alan Salisbury right here. Please look at these other links to learn more about the book and the people it will benefit. Pamela


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