Thursday, December 5, 2013

Day 4

Day 4, today the movers load everything onto the truck. Yesterday was crazy. Last minute packing, movers constantly needing questions answered, someone came to put stabilizers on the washer and dryer. Someone from transportation came by to make sure things were going well. And then we had a erogation specialist here 5 times because he did not have the right parts. 
   Did you know that spouses now get 500 pounds of professional gear and yes homeschool material is considered professional gear. And when you are still paying off the last move every pound counts. 
Jacob does want you to know that this move is not concerning him and he is just laying around.
   We did get our hotel booked for the first part (I almost said leg). We also  called about turning on the electric/gas turned on which is the same company. Things are definitely getting real now. 


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