Monday, November 15, 2010

Military Monday

This weekend we went to Give2theTroops. It is a warehouse full of things to be sent to deployed soldiers. It was such a neat experience. I honestly thought we would get there and pack some boxes and that is so not what happened.
We started out by taking pictures in front of this wall. Let me explain this wall. The navy blue wall with stars represents every soldier who has given there life in Operation Iraqi Freedom. The light blue wall represents every soldier who has given there life in Afghanistan. So touching. Then my husband saw a name of a soldier from the 101st that he worked and deployed with. I am telling you this makes it real.
We had the job of making CHRISTmas ornaments. It was honestly fun. You open up a plastic ornament and take out ladies panties and take off the made in China sticker. Then give it to the girls to put paint in and shake. After they were done with that we folded the panties and put 2 pair in a ziploc to send to the female soldiers.
Then we made CHRISTmas cards and envelopes for CHRISTmas CD's. The wonderful lady leading us showed us pictures of the troops and where they are living. It was a wonderful day and gave us all a moment to realize how lucky we are to live in a safe warm home today. As we were walking out the door that morning I realized we were all wearing red, white and blue except my husband. So I had him change and thought this would be a great day to take a CHRISTmas picture. But sadly as you see those pictures did not turn out well. UGG!

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Kristy said...

Wow look at that wall. Speechless... from all the stars... What a great opportunity for you guys.

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