Saturday, April 10, 2010

deployments and dreams

I have that old feeling today. My boys are off camping with the youth group today and the girls are playing and I just have this lonely or sad kind of feeling. As I set here I am reminded of what deployment feels like. I had a dream last night. I dreamed I visited Rob in Iraq. It was so weird, he said he slept in bunkers with 2 men to a bunker. They looked like our dog house only bright yellow. They had no doors and inside there was no light just 2 beds. I asked where I would sleep and he said in a basement he thought but that there was a football team visiting so he did not know where I would go. He took me to the PX which was weird. You walk into a building and there is a long hallway with doors and each door was a different kind of store. I realized while we were talking that I had forgot to make sure Michael was taken care of and I had no way of contacting him to tell him. I remember thinking Michael has never been left alone over night and I did not make enough bread to last while I was gone. I remember looking around and seeing the bob wire and the humvee’s. I remember thinking Man, this I really what it is like. I remember that there was another lady there which I thought was weird. I know her from church and her husband is not in the military. When I woke up I told Rob about it because I never remember my dreams. But I cannot get this one out of my head today. Rob leaves this week, I will not say what day because that would not be safe but please continue to pray as he heads out. If you want his address please e-mail me.
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