Tuesday, April 6, 2010

How we got Bridgette.

Rob worked at a tool rental place. Every evening he would drop a co worker off at home. Normally he did not stay and visit. One day he came home from work and said there were sick kittens next to his building. The next night he stopped at his co workers and turned off his truck. He said he heard a cat and opened his hood. There was a kitten between his head light and battery. We lived in the country on a chicken farm and there was only one vet in town. He was Indian and did not speak English well. We rushed the cat to the Vet and told him if she was going to die then we would pay to put her down. I will never forget his words and my husband and I still laugh about it. He said IT LIVE, IT LIVE. So Rob syringe fed this kitten for days. One day he called me at work and said, come home we are getting another one. It took me several minutes to understand what he was talking about. So that evening we drove to the next bigger city to a pet store. Normally we believe that you should not get cats and dogs from the pet store. So since we were feeling guilty about being at the pet store we bought the ugliest cat they had. It was so neat. We had a couple of deaths in the next few months and we would take her home with us and walk her on a leash. Every time we walked her someone would argue with us and tell us that she was a baby lion. It was comical.
Saturday after we burried Bridgette I ran out. Rob asked me if I would be mad if there was a new kitten there when I got home. I said yes. I would love a new kitten but truthfully we can not aford all the shots and getting her or him de clawed and fixed right now. We will see what happens over the next few months. What do you think, should we get a new kitten sooner or later
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