Saturday, April 10, 2010

Getting to know me-my favorite things part five

part five, are you ready for it:
81. I have naturally red hair, I once had a lady tell me to cut it and keep It because one day I would need to color it and I would need to know the color
82. I rarely paint my fingernails because I am too lazy to take off the paint when it peels
83. I have one son in heaven and a 13 year old son
84. I have allot I want to write about but honest, I am too lazy too proofread it and what I am trying to say never comes out correctly in my writting
85. I sometimes go a couple of days without wearing a bra
86. I love the smell of gasoline and a good cigar but not together
87. I have 3 girls
88. I love being married to a soldier and it makes me proud saying it
89. I love doing things for other people, I love cooking meals for friends and watching there children
90. I rarely and I mean like once a year take a bath because it is easier to shower
91. I love to sleep alone, I know it is weird but there is something about stretching out and having all the blankets to yourself
92. I rarely wear make up although I love the way it looks on me, I am sure I am not applying it correctly
93. My husband use to run while I rode my bike and we would sing army songs
94. I have sold stampin up and pampered chef and love both
95. I can not cook a meal without using several pampered chef products
96. I always clean my room first because I know if I do not it would never get done
97. I do not enjoy reading books to my kids, please do not shoot me but I do not
98. I love fiddler on the roof
99. I love praise and worship music
100. I love to sing, but you do not want to stand next to me when I do. I actually had a friend in childrens church choir to ask me not to stand next to her
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