Friday, April 30, 2010

Letters to my Hero

Dear Rob, what a day. First let me say I am watching smallville because I am scared that if I turn the channel it will not record. We have had a great day. The highlight was you calling and saying I love you instead of something like “I cannot hold it anymore”. I love you and miss you and feel a little sneaky that I did not let the kids talk to you today but it was nice having a real conversation.
So back to our day. Let’s see we woke up after a night of rough sleep. The kids stayed int here bed but I swear I heard a million noises. I am so glad you made us install the alarm system. So we started chores and then I decided to start the lawn. You forgot to tell me something was wrong with the riding lawnmower and it only works in SUPER FAST MODE. I got maybe a quarter of the lawn mowed and then it made a real noise and stopped working. It sounds like it is turning on but never does. Do not worry this evening I pushed it all the way across the yard and with Michael’s help got it into the shed although I was tempted to just leave the stinken thing. I pulled out the NEW push mower and did another quarter of the yard before it died. The whole time the girls are not cleaning up there messes. I am finding things like your shirts and our good bowls and match box cars. I wanted to scream and shout. But you would be proud I did not. I prayed. Why do I always make that the last option. By this time Michael was done with school. I know I was shocked too.
So I had him pull the lawnmower into the front yard. It had gas in it but I thought it needed more. So first we realized the van was left unlocked all night with the keys in it (thank you faith). Then that we had a empty gas container. So we ran to the gas station. Then came home. I had a talk with the girls and all the sudden they were motivated. We got all the stuff around the bushes cleaned up. I mowed the hill and then Michael mowed the rest of the yard.
We came in and took showers and then headed out. Did I tell you that I cannot remember my pin for the ATM card and tried a million different ones on Sunday. We went to the vet and bought flea meds and then scheduled ACU’s surgeries and guess what they made it for 8 weeks from now. Then we went to butcher. Did not get great deals but got good meat. Then we went to walmart. Michael got his game and I picked up a very few pieces of groceries and we came home.
We have done nothing all evening. Well I did spend about 20 minutes laying beside our bed looking at the kittens and trying to convince ACU to bring them closer.
We watched little rascals tonight. The kids laughed and laughed. And guess what? Domino’s delivered to our house. I wanted to hug the man. Except he was kinda creepy and would only speak like daffy duck.
The kids are thrilled that I am letting them stay up a little tonight.
Ooh I forgot to tell you when I was at wal mart they denied my bank card four times. I was almost in tears. I knew we had money. I had just used it and there was a line of people staring at me. So I used Michaels card. I came home and called USAA, apparently when I tried to use it as a ATM with the wrong pin they locked it. The man was really nice and un locked it.
Oooh one more thing, Faith made oatmeal this morning and put salt on it and then later Grace was pouring salt on a spoon and eating it. This is exactly why I do not like salt shakers, haha.
Okay, I am going to get your babies in bed and get there myself. I am going to try to go to a church yard sale and then take the girls strawberry picking in the morning.
I love you babe.


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