Sunday, April 25, 2010

Getting to know me

The questions..

1. If you could star in any movie genre..what would it be..romance..horror..comedy..suspense or action? comedy

2. Do you recycle? yes but not as well as I should

3. Have you ever been to a strip club? never but I have been in a adult store, SHHHHHHHHHHHHH do not tell anyone

4. Do you have a nickname? in middle school my name was kool aid lips, the kids I babysit called me and still do call me goo goo and they are all adults

5. What's a name you can't stand to be called? just about any name

6. What are your Summer staples? sunblock, ice mountain dew and more sunblock

7. What was the last thing you bought for yourself? fabric

8. Are you happy with your boob size? size yes but after nursing four babies they look more like utters than breast


Wife of a Sailor said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog. Would you mind if I added your blog to my Military Blog Roll?

trooppetrie said...

please feel free i am honored

Melly Elizabeth said...

Oh crack me up!

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