Sunday, April 4, 2010

Not me Monday

My husband did not find a list of not me Monday items in my Bible when he picked it up this morning because I would never work on that during church. My brain is sharp enough that I would not have to write notes to myself. This week I did not take pictures of Grace in church because that is just wrong. I am sorry but there is something cute about her praises God while singing. It was not me who then caught her talking on her play cell phone during church.

Grace did not tell her daddy, "that's enough" when he got more than she thought was okay at the restaurant today. I did not send over 50 text messages the other night trying to win a prize on MckMama's twitter contest. That would be over kill and just plain silly. I did not send so many tweets that a friend twittered this "I think @trooppetrie just killed my phone!It went in tweet overload! I know this is not me Monday but I have to admit I do not totally regret this one because I WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that's right you heard me right, I WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Last Sunday morning I went to the commissary before church since the kids stayed home with Rob. The commissary (you know military grocery store) was not playing every slow sad song ever made about being alone. COME ON THE STORE WAS FULL OF WOMEN WHO HAVE NOT SEEN THERE HUSBANDS IN MONTHS. Surely, they know they are going to cause women like me to have a nervous breakdown in the meat department.
Because I have four children and live for naps it was not me who forgot to put Grace down for a nap twice last week and found her sleeping in a chair.
It was not me who had to take time to clean out the van before picking up a friend, because surely I keep my van cleaned out all the time.
Because I love making bread it was not me who read the thermometer wrong and kept heating the water and getting annoyed that it was not getting hot enough. I most definitely know the difference between Celsius and Fahrenheit.
It was not the alarm company men who asked my husband if we were the kind of people who hold tight to our guns and religion after seeing the amount of weapons we keep in our bedroom. It was not my husband who said yes and that is only what we have out in the open and then told him how he taught his wife to use everyone.
It is not my four year old who keeps having BM in her panties and then hiding them in the dirty laundry. Because for one she knows better and for two she knows I am going to stick my hand in there and find, well you know.
It is definitely not me who is going to encourage you to enter my first give away here. Because I know this is about MckMama and Not me Monday. Please make sure you check out her Not Me Monday.

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