Monday, April 26, 2010

Our expecting cat

Every time Rob leaves something happens the next day. Hope took her first step. Michael said dada. Something always happens. So I totally expect us to have kittens any second. According to the vet she should be 9 weeks right now or really close. I have to say I am really enjoying her right now. Every couple of hours she comes and lays on my chest and just wants me to hold her. I lay my hand on her belly and feel those babies moving. I swear they are break dancing in there. But within a few minutes they calm down and a few minutes later she runs off. Rob constantly makes fun of her and even said he thinks she needs a back up beeper attached to her. She still jumps on the furniture and chases then dog and then she lays around for a hour doing nothing. I swear today it sounded like her stomach was squeaking. I have my camera battery charged and am ready whenever the moment comes. I know I am a goober.


Roberta said...

Aww, I don't think you are a goober! I think it's sweet!!

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