Saturday, April 3, 2010

Getting to know me-my favorite things part four

part four are you tired of it yet:
61. While I do not let my kids watch anything with majic, I love practical majic for the music
62. I wore bikinis growing up, but would never allow my girls to wear them
63. I do not shower daily (SHHHHHHHHHHH that is embarrasing to admitt)
64. I have really enjoyed blogging and wish I spent more time learning the ropes and proofreading what I wrote
65. I have long hard fingernails, but still love to have acrylic when I can
66. My first car was a chevy chevette
67. I enjoy reading no greater joy and have met them in person, is it wrong to say in person michael pearl reminds me of a teddy bear
68. I bought my car before I had a license
69. When I visited my dad he asked if I could breathe in my pants, I was a adult then
70. I love to write out my feelings, and do it in some weird form so no one knows what I am writing about
71. I was sexually molested my whole childhood
72. I do not know what my dream vacation would be, I like to be kept busy but I burn easy (I am white as a ghost) but want to be able to lay in bed if that is what I want
73. I rarely dust my house, I like a clean house but never get to it
74. I can not stand clutter and knick knacks
75. I have a hard time not getting rid of knick knacks, I know I should keep all those little trinkets the kids bring home
76. I have only been to one concert and that was for garth brooks
77. The fruits I love are apples, oranges , banana’s and seedless grapes
78. I can not drink milk since having Grace and I am sad because it means no more cookies and milk, although I will sometimes eat ice cream even though I know I will be sick from it.
79. I only own one name brand purse and it is little and I bought it at a consignment sale for $10
80. I am scared of using knives and do not know how to cut things up smoothly
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