Sunday, April 18, 2010

Getting to know me-part 6

almost done, oops I went over a hundred
101. I am writing this at 2am because I have a problem, if I am woke up for any reason then I can not go back to sleep for hours
102. I do not like playing outside, like basketball or jump roping
103. When the kids are not with me I love to sing country music and patriotic country songs even if they have bad words, I am so wrong for this
104. I love to color, give me a box of new crayons and I am happy
105. I make my kids clean under there bed and in there closets at least once a week
106. I love to organize events and help run them, the busier I am the happier I am
107. I love having friends over, for no reason other than to chit chat
108. When I get a massage or manicure I do not have the guts to tell them what I like or do not like
109. I make my own laundry soap, dishwasher soap and have made hand soap and dish soapI play games on facebook (sometimes farmtown and now café world) but I am determined not to start anymore as I finish these up
110. I was anerexic for years and now am probably 90 pounds over weight
111. I am loud, I actually told my friends that when I move I am going to learn to be quieter so they do not see the loud side of me
112. I am currently collecting willow tree figurines, to me they are knick knacks but I am enjoying them


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