Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Update on our life

I realized I have not updated everyone on our life. We are definitely settled. We have unpacked all the boxes. Paid our first water and electric bill. Had the security system turned on which was comical because one of the men asked if we hold tight to our religion and our guns after seeing me in my skirt and our home school children running around. I am sure the amount of guns displayed in my bedroom did not help. As you know we a week after we moved in our cat died, she was 16 years old. A couple of weeks later my friend gave us a stray she found in her yard. We took her to the vet yesterday to get de clawed and fixed only to find out she was pregnant. They had said to drop her off at 7:30 and I said I wanted to stay because if she was pregnant I would bring her home. No one believed that she was but me. I have to be honest and say I cried when the doctor said she was pregnant. Then explained to them that my husband is leaving in days and I do not want to deliver babies. Yes I know she will do it all. But I have to keep the kids and the dogs away, I have to watch her. I know it sounds silly but it is one more thing to deal with.
Speaking of deployments, we are days away and getting anxious about it. Power of Attorneys are updated, finances have been talked about, kids have been told. Now we wait and cope.
My in laws are visiting, they arrived Monday night and are staying for a few days. Can I say I really do not like the word in laws because it sounds so ugly and I have awesome amazing in laws.
I do have good news, I took Grace to her first appointment on post for a checkup and to ask for referrals for pulmonologists and gastro. The doctor was amazing, the whole hospital was amazing. She said she thought it would be a great idea to send Grace off post to both and buy the end of the day we had both. Unheard of in the military. She said she wanted to see Grace in 3 months to re check her weight. I will call this week and make the appointment.
We have been attending the chapel for church and really enjoying it. The pastor is amazing. I like his teaching style and everyone is very friendly. It is small, maybe a hundred people. They have a youth group and Michael is enjoying it. This weekend Rob and Michael are going on a camp out with them this weekend. We know it is Rob’s last weekend home but think this is a great way for them to bond and Michael to get to know the other kids. We do not believe in letting our children going on trips without us so it was important that he attend while Rob was here.
In case I have not said it before thank you for reading my blog and staying in contact. Please keep following along.
If you are interested in sending Rob letters while he is gone please e-mail me
Oh yeah, if you have not entered my first give away please do so here, so that I know rather I should do this again.

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