Sunday, April 11, 2010

Not me Monday

Because I am so computer smart I have not had to re do this post. This has been a wonderful crazy, emotional week. It started with my in laws visiting to see Rob before he deploys. Then we took our cat to the vet. You know the stray cat that was given to us. I have been telling everyone she is pregnant and NO ONE believed me. The vet asked me how many kittens we wanted. I did not break down and cry like a baby when the vet told me and then proceed to tell the Vet that DH is deploying and I do not need the stress. I am a better Army wife than that and know how to suck it up and drive on.
I am a gracious host and did not forget to put the good towels in the spare bathroom. I most certainly would not need to do this because we give our children the old thin towels and keep the good ones for ourselves. Of course we give our children good towels.
I did not find a Diet Pepsi under my bathroom sink and ask Rob why in the world he would keep a open Diet Pepsi under our bathroom sink. I know my husband is mature enough to not take Diet Pepsi to the bathroom with him.
Speaking of Diet Pepsi it was not my 9 year old who shyly told us she saw it on the bathroom counter and well just decided to drink it. She did not find Peeps hidden under the sink because I never hide food for my children.
Because I moved out at 17 and say I will never move home it was not me who got teary eyed when watching Jamie Oliver this week and seeing all the places from my home town. I do not now want to go home just to drive around and see all those spots.
Because I have my act together it was not me who got 10 minutes from home before I realized I did not have my GPS and had no clue where I was going. I always check these things before leaving the house.
Okay please do not turn me in but it was not me who begged Rob to let us show several policeman what we found in our car. I am smarter than that and we would never have found a small bag of green planty stuff. I still do not know what it was and Rob disposed of it. I honestly think it is some seasoning packet and not what I originally thought. It is not me who has spent hours wondering where it came from and how it got in my car no matter what it is. I am not totally scared that the police will think we are bad people.
We gave up paper towels over a year ago and now use towels and cloth napkins. This was my choice and it is not me who always takes more napkins at restaurants so I will have them around the house.
Because I can not stand pranks it was not me who pulled April Fools jokes on my children and then dared them to try anything.
Okay Because I am setting here with a sore ankle I will tell you that it was not me who won a cast iron griddle from The Snyder 5 and then dropped it on my ankle. Of course I would make sure that I put a heavy pan away from the edge of the table.
I honestly have a list of not me's that I could list tonight but I am not for two reasons. For one Army Wives is on. And because I need to start laundry because my precious angel keeps hiding her BM panties in the dirty laundry basket. Wait wasn't I suppose to say that she would not do that.
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