Saturday, March 13, 2010

getting to know me-my favorite things part one

I recently won a box of fun things from targer from Jes who has a blog called exposing the drapes to my 20's. She did several post about her favorite things. So I am copying her idea and telling you 100 facts about myself. Although it may end up being more because we all know I love to talk. I think I will break it up over several weeks though. Maybe every Saturday.

Okay, let's get started, feel free to ask questions
1. I was born In the 70’s
2. My father wanted my name to be gypsy dawn
3. I love cleaning my house for friends and waking up the morning after they are over to a clean house.
4. I am addicted to mountain dew
5. I started babysitting at 12 and babysett at least 20-40 hours a week until I was 17, then had it as a full time job several times
6. I grew up watch punky brewster and the cosby show and the brady bunch and 90210
7. I have always been tall
8. I love my curly hair but enjoy it straightened some times
9. I love to scrapbook, although my books are not fancy I can not wait for my kids to look at them when they are older
10. I love doing Bible studies but rarely finish them
11. I hate sweat, I mean like if I am doing something and start to sweat I will stop what I am doing and cool down
12. I love to cook, although I do not eat most of what I cook for others
13. The only veggies I eat are green beans and potatoes (please do not remind me that potatoes are not veggies)
14. I grew up in a single parent home
15. I love stationary and love writing friends but rarely send it because my handwritting and grammar are not correct
16. I have one brother and a sister I have only seen twice in my life
17. My brother was killed by a speeder while riding his bike and she got away with it because he was not wearing a helmet
18. I grew up in the same town but lived in 15 or more houses
19. I was a bus kid growing up, and am so grateful my mom pushed me on that bus and that the church had a bus ministry
20. I would love to know how to decorate, what kind of pictures to buy or curtains to use
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