Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Me: Hope I love you,
Hope: I am going to have 100 kids when I grow up (they are always talking about who is having children and how many)
Me: where are you going to live with all these children
Hope: with you
Me: oh no you are not, because when my children grow up and move out I am going to spend all day smooching daddy
Hope: MOM, my husband and I are going to sleep upstairs and the kids are going to sleep downstairs where you sleep
Me: ooh no, I am not taking care of your kids, how would I smooch daddy with your kids there
Hope: mom, all you do is send the kids outside and make them play and then make them run laps around the house (a common punishment at our house) and then they come in and go to bed
Me thinking: Uh oh, the kids have caught on that we try to make them tired

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