Monday, March 1, 2010

Mommy guilt mondays

Mommy guilt Monday is hosted by Copmama I have so many mommy guilts this week. We just moved into our home and we have a wonderful backyard and I love sending the kids outside. But I also can not function until the house is in control. So I have begged DH to get the pictures hung or his office straightened up instead of doing things like putting up the trampoline. This week we were supose to go to a new friends house and well that was the day the cat died. My kids are desperate to get out of the house and play. So Saturday when Grace was in my bed crying about the cat (we had burried 20 minutes earlier), I felt horrible guilt when I said no baby you really need to stay with dad. On Friday my friends kids would have been there but not on Saturday. Really I could have taken her with me because she is easy to have around but I really wanted adult time.
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