Saturday, March 6, 2010

new house-kitchen edition

It is so nice to have a regular size kitchen. I have just enough storage space. I am storing the small appliances in the garage, the ones I use often are right by the door and then there is a cabinet full of them that I have not taken a picture of yet. ooh yeah and the dehydrater is in the laundryroom because I have forgotten to take it to the garage. We also store most of our food in the garage. On the kitchen counter I store wheat flour, bread flour, sugar and splenda. I know it is alot. I also always have several weeks worth of food on hand. I love the rug by the sink (there is a matching one by the stove). They were $40 a piece at Lowe's and I got them for $10 a piece.I know the baking cabinet is a mess. So this afternoon I moved all the spices to a drawer, so now I do not have to dig through the cabinet to find the spice I need.
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