Saturday, March 27, 2010

getting to know me-my favorite things part three

part three:
41. I played flute and cello in elementary and middle school but quit at high school because of a boy and because I never learned to read music
42. I wear my hair in a pony tail almost daily
43. My favorite candy bars are payday and reece cups
44. I remember laying in my yard and singing on 8th ave (for anyone who remembers that)
45. We gave up paper towels a year ago and have never looked back. Although I do keep one roll around for when DH cleans
46. I only skipped school once (or was it twice, amber)
47. I lied to friends about being allergic to alchol in middle school to avoid drinking
48. I sometimes, no really most of the time sleep in my bra because I am too lazy to get up and re put one on
49. I wish I could go back and admitt to my lies I said growing up, mostly to avoid the truth
50. I went to the senior prom with a 19 year old when I was 13
51. I rarely have all my laundry folded and put away, it sets for days on my couch
52. I enjoy making cards with rubber stamps but case (copy and steal everything) 99% of my cards
53. I love making things like playdough with the kids, but have to wear rubber gloves because I do not like the way dough of any kind feels on my hands
54. My favorite clothing store is cato’s, I love long skirts
55. I scream at my kids, although I work on it
56. I love amusement park rides, and wish DH and I could go to amusement parks alone
57. I was once suspended in middle school for wearing a coat and refusing to take it off
58. I love bed bath and beyond products, lotions, soaps, body sprays
59. My father passed away 7 years ago, he had cancer
60. I was left home alone at 16 and had a wild party, I did things like cut the grass (writing pam loves robert in it), pulling the ugly vine off the side of the house (along with the paint) and pulling up a bush (small tree thing) that was ugly. I think my mom would have been less mad had I had a wild party
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