Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Homeschooling 101

I love having my babies home and I love that I can teach them what they want to know. For the last few days Michael has been begging me to help him find out how sponges re produce. I finally remembered well after he asked for the 100th time today. So in case you were wondering here is how sponges re produce:
Sponges may reproduce sexually and asexually. This helps keep them alive in their habitats. Most sponges are both male and female. In sexual reproduction, they may play either role. The ‘male’ sponge would release sperm into the water, which would travel and then enter a ‘female’ sponge. After fertilization in the sponge, a larva is released into the water. It floats around for a few days and then sticks to a solid to begin its growth into an adult sponge.

Sponges are also able to reproduce asexually through budding. This is when a small piece of sponge is broken off but is still able to survive and grow into another sponge. Sponges are also able to repair damages to their bodies. These characteristics of sponges are ideal because even small parts of sponges may survive in the water. Diversity is created when different sponges reproduce with other different sponges.

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